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Archived Issue: Faith in Ethiopia
July/August 2013 Volume: 107 Issue: 4

Heaven sent
Sean Sprague
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Afoot in Christian Ethiopia
Sean Sprague
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Walking Together in Faith
James H. Kroeger, M.M.
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Zen and Christian Witness
Mary Ellen Manz, M.M.
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Online Features

Beads: Gateway to Prayer
John Beeching, M.M.
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Mission as Encounter with Others
David R. Aquije
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A Missioner in Her Own Backyard
Kathleen Bond, MKLM
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Extraordinary achievements
Mary Ellen Manz, M.M.
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Living the Faith in Yucatan
John P. Martin, M.M.
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Seeking wisdom and truth

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

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July/August 2013
Volume: 107 Issue: 4
Mail Date: July 2013
Faith in Ethiopia
Study Guide & Lesson Plan

To encourage students to consider the immorality of using nuclear weapons and the possibility of living in peace through solidarity and fraternity rather than force.


Time Frame:
One to two class periods plus homework.

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