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"To those who love God, all things work together for good..." Romans 8:28
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MESSAGE ON THE PANDEMIC from Maryknoll’s Superior General

In this time of pandemic from the Covid-19 virus, we join Pope Francis and the U.S. bishops in praying for the intercession of Mary, Our Blessed Mother, on behalf...

By Raymond J. Finch, M.M. / Mar 24, 2020

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Pope backs indigenous in Amazon

WEB-ONLY FEATURE: Observers say "Querida Amazonia" exhortation shows powerful words of understanding and solidarity. || LIMA, Peru (CNS) -- Saying the world...

By Catholic News Service / Mar 1, 2020

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A Via Crucis of Hope for El Salvador’s Youth

WEB-ONLY FEATURE: Walking the Stations of the Cross in Santa Leonor and La Esperanza || In front of her home, Iris, a single mother of two teenagers, assembles...

By Richard Dixon / Mar 1, 2020

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Many Faces of Mission in Chicago

Mission in Chicago means taking up the ministry of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways || When asked what Scripture passage most inspires him as leader of the Chicago...

By Margaret Gaughan / Mar 1, 2020

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Young People in Chicago Go Forth in Peace

Catholic Hispanic young adults mentor youth on the South Side of Chicago || On a Friday night, a basement on the South Side of Chicago fills up with a dozen...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / Mar 1, 2020

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Building solidarity bridge from Chicago to Bolivia

Partner organizations Solidarity Bridge and Puente de Solidaridad bring medical help to the neediest Bolivians || For Ariane Castro of Cochabamba, Bolivia,...

By Giovana Soria / Mar 1, 2020

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Migrant Women in Japan: Victims No More

Two Maryknoll sisters empower and feel empowered helping women victims of domestic violence in Japan || When police responded to an emergency at Darna’s...

By David Aquije / Mar 1, 2020

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Maryknoll Mission Institute: Stretching minds and spirits for 50 years

Maryknoll Mission Institute celebrates its golden jubilee || It was the weekend of Pentecost and the joy of the Holy Spirit seemed to fill the air last June...

By Mary Ellen Manz, M.M. / Mar 1, 2020