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"To those who love God, all things work together for good..." Romans 8:28
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Empowering People in West Papua

A Maryknoll priest and volunteers work with the Asmat indigenous people in Indonesia || Ever since his arrival 40 years ago among the Asmat people of West...

By Joshua Irwandi / Jan 1, 2020

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Amazon Synod Gives Voice to the Forest and its People

Assembly addresses key issues for Pope Francis: Care of creation and cry of the poor and the displaced || Poor people from the Amazon have shown that God’s...

By Barbara Fraser / Jan 1, 2020

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Francis X. Ford: Servant of God

Church studies sainthood cause for Maryknoll’s first seminarian and pioneer missioner to China || The name of Maryknoll Bishop Francis X. Ford is revered...

By Ed Wilkinson / Jan 1, 2020

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Walking with the Homeless

A Maryknoll deacon partner takes ministry to the streets in Washington state || You could say I’m geographically disabled,” says Athena, a 40-something...

By Sean Sprague / Jan 1, 2020

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Building Homes in Panama

A Maryknoll sister helps families go from shaky shacks to solid houses || Before the crack of dawn, Maryknoll Sister Nena Heramil laces up her blue sneakers...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / Jan 1, 2020

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Building Community with Homeless in El Salvador

Maryknoll lay missioner’s Catholic Worker house helps Salvadoran homeless put lives back together || As María, Óscar Ulysses and Tim Ross make their rounds...

By Meinrad Scherer-Emunds / Jan 1, 2020

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They Are Not Alone

Los Angeles Church community reaches out to homeless || Jose Lopez was 7 years old when he came from Mexico to Los Angeles, Calif., with his family. He went...

By Giovana Soria / Jan 1, 2020

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Young, Homeless and Trafficked

WEB-ONLY FEATURE: For homeless children and youth, streets are a dangerous abode || Queen’s fortunes changed literally from one day to the next, leaving...

By Linda Unger / Jan 1, 2020