Partners in Mission
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Rusty and Terry: Best Friends and Partners in Mission

Rusty, a rescue dog, joins his owner, Terry Brown, in visiting the sick and dying || Terry Brown says his life was changed the first time he heard about Maryknoll...

By Melissa Kellogg / Mar 1, 2020

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A Monarch Butterfly’s Message

A young woman's immersion trip to Bolivia connects her with nature and her grandmother || The monarch butterfly has always captured my attention, not just...

By Sarahi Unzueta / Jan 1, 2020

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Immigrant Family in Mission

Mother and daughter are missioners to other migrants in Japan || Maryknoll Father Roberto Rodriguez says he would not be able to do his job without Carmen...

By David Aquije / Nov 1, 2019

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Building Bridges in Bolivia Mission

Ish and Maryann Martinez find short-term mission in Bolivia to be a two-way street || Maryknoll missioners are bridge builders, connecting people of different...

By John Blazo, M.M / Sep 1, 2019

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Let My People Go: Modern-day Moses in Myanmar

Maryknoll brother shares story of catechist who helped his people escape violence || Yohan Tingrenan La Aung is a catechist in the Diocese of Myitkyina in Myanmar’s...

By John Beeching, M.M. / Jul 1, 2019

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From Woundedness to Wholeness in Taiwan

Cecil Zamora, a migrant worker in Taiwan, learns to forgive by helping others || Cecil Zamora could easily be a bitter person. Born in Cebu City, in the Philippines,...

By Noel de Guia Feliciano / May 1, 2019

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Promoting Golden Rule: "Do unto others..."

Partner in Mission dedicates himself to propagating the Golden Rule || My friend Ray Kalainikas has a banner hanging in front of his house boldly advertising...

By John Blazo, M.M / Mar 1, 2019

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Responding to a call to mission

A U.S. couple travel overseas to join CRS workers helping people devastated by natural disaster || My husband Rob and I and our family were living a comfortable...

By Karen Richardson / Jan 1, 2019

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Sharing God's mercy in Uganda

Ugandan man accompanies Maryknoll Father John Barth to serve South Sudanese refugees who have fled civil war || My name is Richard Robert Odokonyero. I am a Ugandan...

By Richard Robert Odokonyero / Nov 1, 2018

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Companion on the mission journey

As we approach World Mission Sunday on October 21, a Los Angeles woman reminds us of our call to missionary discipleship || I once heard a priest say we are a “missionary...

By Magdalena Arellano / Sep 1, 2018

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The Emmaus Man

Texas native brings the Gospel to life for U.S. youth || It’s not surprising that Texas native Bruce Clay’s favorite Gospel story is Luke’s account of the two disciples...

By Gerald Kelly, M.M. / Jul 1, 2018

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Mother counselor in Mabatini, Tanzania

A Tanzanian woman partners with Maryknoll missioners to build a parish team in Mabatini in Mwanza || Natalia Joseph Kadio says, “Being a partner in mission...

By John Eybel, M.M. / May 1, 2018

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A 'golden' partner in mission

Remembering Maryknoll supporter of 50-plus years || Soon after I was ordained a Maryknoll priest in 1998, I received a letter of congratulations with photos...

By Dennis Moorman, M.M. / Mar 1, 2018

Calling All to Mission

Chicago mission director raises Catholic awareness of global mission calling || “How many people here are missionaries?” When Megan Mio asked that question...

By Kevin Foy / Jan 1, 2018

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Missioner on the Way Cares for HIV patients

A group of lay people with "HIV-positive hearts" walk with Peruvians living with HIV. || Gently touching Luis on the cheek, Yolanda Yactayo asks the middle-aged...

By Joseph Fedora, M.M. / Nov 1, 2017

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More Than a Job at Maryknoll's Buffalo Office

Maryknoll's administrative assistant in Buffalo furthers the Reign of God || Faithful service and commitment to mission are the two phrases that best describe...

By Paul Bork / Sep 1, 2017

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Come to East Africa and see

On a journey to East Africa a New York deacon gets gifts for ministry || A statement on the Maryknoll Society website caught my attention: “Crossing borders...

By Edward Solomon / Jul 1, 2017

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Guiding young peacemakers

Program director for a grassroots movement brings together youth of different faiths to work to end division || Hannah Hochkeppel leaned forward in her chair...

By Annapatrice Johnson / May 1, 2017

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One child at a time

Little Sister of St. Francis becomes a mother to street boys in Kenya and a Maryknoll partner in mission || Sister Catherine Wanza Mui, a Little Sister of St. Francis,...

By Robert Jalbert, M.M. / Mar 1, 2017

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Protecting God’s children

Former FBI agent carries out the mission of Jesus || As an FBI agent for almost 30 years, Jean Gray was committed to the Bureau’s mission of protecting the United...

By Jay Weingarten / Jan 1, 2017

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Storytelling Mission

“I drew stories before I could write,” Anne Neuberger recalls. “My mother would type my stories for me until I was in eighth grade. Then she told me I had to learn...

By Greg Darr / Nov 1, 2016

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Mission Came to Her

From the time she was a young girl in St. James Parish in Dallas, Texas, Therese Caffey wanted to be a missionary. || “When I was in the fourth grade, I read...

By Ken Eppes / Sep 1, 2016

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Three Generations of Love

|| As National Bequest Representative for the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, I have been in contact with Carol Cella for many years. Finally last January I had the privilege...

By Richard McGee / Jul 1, 2016

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Birthday Blessings

Brother John Blazo, a member of the Maryknoll Mission Education and Promotion Department’s Northeast Region, welcomes a young mission-minded neighbor. || As...

By John Blazo, M.M / May 1, 2016