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Divine Instrument

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

Choosing carefully from among
Several worthy candidates
See how the Master Crafter’s hand
Skillfully balances a wooden reed
Feeling for faults and imperfections
Eying first one side, then the other
Before hollowing out a tube
And repeatedly puncturing holes
To make a flute.

Surely the reed does not appreciate
Being so chosen, cruelly cut and hollowed out
Vainly protesting its suffering and sacrifice
Until that magic moment when
Lifted by gentler hands and held
To gifted lips, the very breath of life
Rushes in to fill and overflow with
Sublime melody.

And so at times it seems with us
When unseen forces strip away
Our dreams, our hopes, our plans
Our deepest selves
And we wonder why and what
It’s all about when even
Prayer itself rings hollow.

But then, ah then, the Spirit
Rushes in to fill our void
Transform our pain
Restore our life
And both music and musician
Dissolve, combine, unite
In God.