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Focused on Maryknoll missioners around the world working in solidarity among the poor and marginalized. Articles include issues of importance to people the missioners serve and to the Catholic Church.
Finding heart in mission

Two Maryknoll seminarians prepare for ordination || Peter Latouf took the long way around to the priesthood—all the way to China and back, to be precise. Deacon...

By Lynn F. Monahan / May 1, 2017

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Following the Holy Spirit

Two Maryknoll seminarians prepare for ordination || The Holy Spirit guides people to lead fruitful lives and to help others do the same, says Daniel Siwoo...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / May 1, 2017

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Checking in on 'NONES’

Orbis author looks at unaffiliated believers and how they understand mission || Meredith, who is in her early 20s and was raised a Southern Baptist, finds...

By Kaya Oakes / May 1, 2017

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Student Essay Winners

Referencing Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ in which he calls on all people to respect the earth and stop exploiting it, we asked students to explain why it is so important...

By Maryknoll Magazine / May 1, 2017

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Welcoming new Neighbors

Organization in Westchester county, New York, builds a bridge between local residents and newly arrived immigrants || When Maria Lopez arrived in Mount Kisco...

By Giovana Soria / May 1, 2017

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Sawdust in my veins

A Maryknoll brother laments the end of the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ || The circus has been dear to my heart since I was a small boy. As a missionary brother,...

By J. Francis Dolphin, M.M. / May 1, 2017

Photo Meditations

A way to pray and reflect on God’s message through poem prayers written by Father Joseph R. Veneroso, paired with powerful images appearing in MARYKNOLL magazine from around the world.
Vignettes from the lands of mission, told by Maryknoll missioners and volunteers. These popular little stories are sometimes funny, often moving and generally inspiring encounters with people on the margins.
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Missioner Tales, May / June 2017

Missioner Tales, May / June, 2017
After a long meeting on prison reform for women, in downtown São Paulo, Brazil, where I serve as a Maryknoll lay missioner, I decided to walk home instead of facing the …

By Maryknoll Missioners Mar/Apr, 2017


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Guiding Young Peacemakers

Program director for a grassroots movement brings together youth of different faiths to work to end division

by Annapatrice Johnson Mar/Apr, 2017

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Torture: A Moral Issue

Maryknoll missioners often accompany impoverished and marginalized communities in countries where the rule of law does not exist.

By Susan Gunn / Jan 1, 2017

A World of Books That Matter

Orbis Books
Maryknoll missioners reflect on liturgical feasts, doctrines and other elements of the Catholic faith, often told through the lives of the people they accompany.
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Pentecost: Continuing Miracle

The Spirit of Mission, May & June, 2017
Pentecost, arguably the most significant event in the Christian calendar, seems, paradoxically, almost overlooked. No cards. No trees. No colored eggs.

By Father Joseph Veneroso / Mar 1, 2017

Reader Responses
In addition to traditional letters to the editor of MARYKNOLL magazine, responses include comments to online articles and from social media posts about the digital or print edition. May be edited for length.
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Members' Memos, May / June 2017

  COMMON MISSIONS I am writing to thank you for Maryknoll magazine, which comes to me regularly. The November/December issue especially touched me. Although...

By Our Readers / May 1, 2017

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Member's Memos, March / April, 2017

  || QUALITY OF MERCY Thanks for sharing Brother Beeching’s touching story about one of his students, Malai, in his article, “We are never among...

By Our Readers / Mar 1, 2017