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Focused on Maryknoll missioners around the world working in solidarity among the poor and marginalized. Articles include issues of importance to people the missioners serve and to the Catholic Church.
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Listening, discerning, engaging youth

Church’s openness to listen to young people signals they are considered a priority || When Pope Francis goes to Panama to celebrate the 34th World Youth...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / Jan 1, 2019

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V Encuentro Empowers Young Hispanic Catholics

Participants in the V National Encuentro ask to be recognized as Church leaders || The V National Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry not only revived Lily...

By Giovana Soria / Jan 1, 2019

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The college campus: new mission territory

College professor shares his views on the Catholic Church and today's young people || The present moment is a critical time for young adult Catholics, as we have...

By Kevin Ahern / Jan 1, 2019

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Maryknoll Sisters embracing all people

Maryknoll Sisters evolve as a multicultural community and microcosm for the world || Long before Pope Francis emphasized that we are all sisters and brothers...

By Mary Ellen Manz, M.M. / Jan 1, 2019

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Watatulu dreams in Tanzania

Educating young people from the traditional Watatulu tribe presents challenges for Maryknoll priest in rural East Africa || Yuyu, a tall young woman wearing...

By Lynn F. Monahan / Jan 1, 2019

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From caterpillar to butterfly in Cambodia

Chab Dai Coalition in Cambodia brings groups together to end human trafficking || Lita carefully traces daisies on the cake she is preparing for her client...

By Carolyn Trumble / Jan 1, 2019

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Fostering friendship and love in Taiwan

Maryknoll ministry for Catholic singles encourages fellowship—and Catholic marriages || Jerry Chen, a young Catholic living in Taipei, says finding Catholic...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / Jan 1, 2019

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Tears of a mother on the U.S.-Mexico border

Witnesses are moved by the suffering of separated migrants and their children|| “Please, my son needs me! I have never been separated from him. I beg you to help...

By Giovana Soria / Nov 1, 2018

Photo Meditations

A way to pray and reflect on God’s message through poem prayers written by Father Joseph R. Veneroso, paired with powerful images appearing in MARYKNOLL magazine from around the world.
Vignettes from the lands of mission, told by Maryknoll missioners and volunteers. These popular little stories are sometimes funny, often moving and generally inspiring encounters with people on the margins.
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Missioner Tales, January / February 2019

In Venezuela, I lived in barrio Nueva Tacagua. One of my neighbors was an elderly woman named America Lopez, who lived in a one-room shack with her daughter and three grandchildren. People called America La Loca, “the crazy one,” because she often acted out of touch with reality. . …

By Maryknoll Missioners January / February 2019


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Responding to a Call To Mission

My husband Rob and I and our family were living a comfortable life in southern California when our friend Chris Frey called to say, “Indonesia needs a Rob Richardson.” Indonesia had been devastated by a 9.1 earthquake and tsunami in December 2004. Chris was inviting …

By By Karen Richardson January / February, 2019

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Will the ‘new NAFTA’ promote economic justice?

From Cambodia to El Salvador, Bangladesh to Tanzania, Maryknoll missioners accompany people and communities affected by poverty, often extreme poverty. Based on our belief in the value of each human person and their right to a life of dignity, we work to eliminate the …

By Susan Gunn January / February, 2019

A World of Books That Matter

Orbis Books
Maryknoll missioners reflect on liturgical feasts, doctrines and other elements of the Catholic faith, often told through the lives of the people they accompany.
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Spirit of Mission: Faith in time of turmoil

Unrelenting wave upon wave of sex scandals, incompetence and cover-ups are crashing over the boat that is fast taking on water. It appears the Barque of Peter may be sinking. Through it all, Jesus seems fast sleep—oblivious to our peril.

By Father Joseph Veneroso January / February 2019

Readers' Responses
In addition to traditional letters to the editor of MARYKNOLL magazine, responses include comments to online articles and from social media posts about the digital or print edition. May be edited for length.
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Readers' Responses, January/February 2019

Readers respond to our print, web and social media posts || REMEMBERING ROMERO Let us thank Octavio Duran, OFM, for his wonderful article in the September/October...

By Our Readers / Jan 1, 2019

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Readers' Responses, November / December 2018

Readers respond to our print, web and social media posts || CALM SHAKEN My inmost calm was shaken when I came to the end of your article on Mary and Islam...

By Our Readers / Nov 1, 2018