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Focused on Maryknoll missioners around the world working in solidarity among the poor and marginalized. Articles include issues of importance to people the missioners serve and to the Catholic Church.
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Maryknoll priests and brothers help resettle refugees

Maryknoll priests and brothers donate personal funds to help resettle refugees in New York's Westchester County || Six months after Leen Ali-Dib and her refugee...

By Lynn F. Monahan / Nov 1, 2017

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Madina bridges two worlds

A former refugee from Somalia living in Vermont strives to give back to the country that welcomed her family. || Madina Dhahir Haji became a U.S. citizen...

By Marybeth Christie Redmond / Nov 1, 2017

Son, pray for me

Undocumented immigrants facing deportation find sanctuary at temporary shelters around the country. || "If I don’t see you again, pray for me,” said Jorge...

By David Aquije / Nov 1, 2017

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HIV Ministry is Making a world of difference in Peru

Missioner reflects on changes to his HIV ministry in Peru || As soon as Maryknoll Father Joseph Fedora arrives at the Posadita del Buen Pastor (Little Inn of the Good...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / Nov 1, 2017

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Healing Afghanistan through peacebuilding

Former Maryknoll missioner works to build peace in Asian land || Just before leaving Afghanistan last February after working there for three years, I gazed...

By Merwyn De Mello / Nov 1, 2017

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God opened the door to mission in China

  Maryknoll sister brings special gifts to people with disabilities in China || Maryknoll Sister Ngoc-Hà Pham is no stranger to perilous situations....

By Mary Ellen Manz, M.M. / Nov 1, 2017

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Remembering Miguel d’Escoto

|| Miguel d’Escoto was not only a priest, a missioner and peacemaker, but also a revolutionary, a statesman, a diplomat—a beloved son of Maryknoll. Before...

By Robert Ellsberg / Nov 1, 2017

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Father Hammond: Beacon of joy and hope

Priest who helps sick in North Korea receives Knights of Columbus’ highest award || Maryknoll Father Gerard Hammond’s “brave and tireless mission to minister...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / Nov 1, 2017

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Please pray for our Maryknoll missioners who died during the past year. Father Donald L. Allen Sister Mary Lou Andrews Father Peter C. Brien Sister Mary Edna...

By Maryknoll Magazine / Nov 1, 2017

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Maryknoll Candidate Seeks to Represent Christ

N.Y. man transitions from military life to mission life || My six years as an infantry paratrooper in the U.S. Army took me many places and stretched me in ways...

By Sean Cintron / Nov 1, 2017

Photo Meditations

A way to pray and reflect on God’s message through poem prayers written by Father Joseph R. Veneroso, paired with powerful images appearing in MARYKNOLL magazine from around the world.
Vignettes from the lands of mission, told by Maryknoll missioners and volunteers. These popular little stories are sometimes funny, often moving and generally inspiring encounters with people on the margins.
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Missioner Tales, November / December 2017

Missioner Tales, November / December 2017
I visit a public transplant hospital here in São Paulo, Brazil, where I offer my time and conversation. The patients are there to be treated for diseases such as leukemia and hemophilia. …

By Maryknoll Missioners November / December 2017


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Gently touching Luis on the cheek, Yolanda Yactayo asks the middle-aged Peruvian man suffering from AIDS and diabetes if there’s anything he needs. “I could use a few diapers,” he says, not fazed by his inability to leave his bed …

by Joseph Fedora, M.M. November / December, 2017

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Targeting Protected Status

Presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower have granted “temporary protection” to foreign nationals in the United States who are unable to return to their home…

By Susan Gunn November / December, 2017

A World of Books That Matter

Orbis Books
Maryknoll missioners reflect on liturgical feasts, doctrines and other elements of the Catholic faith, often told through the lives of the people they accompany.
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Misconceptions about the Immaculate Conception

The Spirit of Mission, November / December, 2017
ne of the more recent, sublime and, paradoxically, misunderstood doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church is that of the Immaculate Conception. Officially proclaimed as dogma in 1854 by Pope Pius IX, the belief is as old as the Gospels themselves…

By Father Joseph Veneroso November / December, 2017

Reader Responses
In addition to traditional letters to the editor of MARYKNOLL magazine, responses include comments to online articles and from social media posts about the digital or print edition. May be edited for length.
Readers' Responses, November / December 2017

Readers respond to our print, web and social media posts || NOT SO FEEL GOOD I am writing to second a reader’s letter in your July/August issue of Maryknoll...

By Our Readers / Nov 1, 2017

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Readers' Responses, September / October 2017

Readers respond to our print, web and social media posts ||   ANIMAL TREATMENT I admire how Brother J. Francis Dolphin has used skills and attractions...

By Our Readers / Sep 1, 2017