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Focused on Maryknoll missioners around the world working in solidarity among the poor and marginalized. Articles include issues of importance to people the missioners serve and to the Catholic Church.
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Becoming Artisans of Peace

Catholic peacemakers from around the world gather to share stories of their efforts. || Pope Francis has described this moment in history as “a world war in installments.”...

By Gerry Lee / Jan 1, 2017

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The Root of War Is Fear

In his new book The Root of War Is Fear: Thomas Merton’s Advice to Peacemakers author and peacemaker Jim Forest draws on his close personal friendship with the famous...

By Jim Forest / Jan 1, 2017

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Mission of Love in Korea

Maryknoll priest from West Philadelphia has accompanied the people of Korea his whole priestly life || When newly ordained Father Gerard Hammond arrived...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / Jan 1, 2017

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Visiting the Aged and Lonely in Anlong Kngan

A Maryknoll priest and a lay missioner serve the elderly together in Cambodia || San Sophanna sits on the floor, cross-legged weaving a mat out of old rags...

By Sean Sprague / Jan 1, 2017

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A Lifetime of Healing

Neither war nor disease prevents a Maryknoll Sister from soothing lives on three continents. || Maryknoll Sister Joan Sauvigne was in South Sudan only a few days...

By Mary Ellen Manz, M.M. / Jan 1, 2017

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Game on!

Two high school girls from Maryknoll Affiliates group take mission to Cuba. || It could well be called Maryknoll volleyball diplomacy. Two high school students...

By Muriel J. Smith / Jan 1, 2017

Photo Meditations

A way to pray and reflect on God’s message through poem prayers written by Father Joseph R. Veneroso, paired with powerful images appearing in MARYKNOLL magazine from around the world.
Vignettes from the lands of mission, told by Maryknoll missioners and volunteers. These popular little stories are sometimes funny, often moving and generally inspiring encounters with people on the margins.
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Tales From Guatemala, Tanzania & Kenya

Missioner Tales, January & February, 2017
Part of the reality of being in mission in Mwanza, Tanzania, is the need to have a guard outside our home at night….

By Maryknoll Missioners / Dec 1, 2016


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Protecting God’s Children

Former FBI agent carries out the mission of Jesus || As an FBI agent for almost 30 years, Jean Gray was committed to the Bureau’s mission of protecting the United…

By Jay Weingarten / Jan 1, 2017

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Recommitting to Gospel of Nonviolence

Pope Francis is giving “very strong recognition” to what was discussed at the Nonviolence and Just Peace Conference held at the Vatican last spring, Cardinal Peter….

By Susan Gunn / Jan 1, 2017

A World of Books That Matter

Orbis Books
Maryknoll missioners reflect on liturgical feasts, doctrines and other elements of the Catholic faith, often told through the lives of the people they accompany.
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Following The Star

The Spirit of Mission, January & February, 2017
The first in this year’s spirituality series in which Maryknoll Father Joseph Veneroso will reflect on various Catholic feasts. Here he writes about the Epiphany….

By Father Joseph Veneroso / Dec 1, 2016

Reader Responses
In addition to traditional letters to the editor of MARYKNOLL magazine, responses include comments to online articles and from social media posts about the digital or print edition. May be edited for length.
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Reader Responses January / February 2017

FACING FACTS I was very upset by the letter titled “Disrespectful” in the September/October issue of Maryknoll magazine. The letter writer is entitled to her opinion...

By Our Readers / Jan 1, 2017

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Reader Responses, September / October 2016

CHAINED LIKE ANIMALS The story and pictures of the mentally ill men in Cambodia in the July/August issue of Maryknoll magazine were disturbing. Although Cambodia...

By Our Readers / Sep 1, 2016