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Focused on Maryknoll missioners around the world working in solidarity among the poor and marginalized. Articles include issues of importance to people the missioners serve and to the Catholic Church.
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Kindling Faith with Immigrants in Japan

A Maryknoll priest in multicultural parishes accompanies immigrants in Japan as both pastor and immigrant || The afternoon begins to wind down on this first...

By David Aquije / Nov 1, 2019

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Maryknoll Sisters, Affiliates become Prayer Partners

Maryknoll sisters and Maryknoll affiliates join in a spiritual ministry as prayer partners for the world || Cindy Korb listened intently as Maryknoll Sister...

By Margaret Gaughan / Nov 1, 2019

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New Start for Girls in the Heart of Bolivia

Shelter in Cochabamba empowers girls and adolescents who were victims of abuse || With a shy smile, Cecilia, 16, says she would like to be a petroleum engineer...

By Giovana Soria / Nov 1, 2019

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Young shepherds in Bolivia live the Christmas story

Young shepherds in Bolivia teach the message of Christmas and the meaning of mission || My husband and I and our two young children had been living in Amachuma,...

By Maggie Fogarty / Nov 1, 2019

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Called to Fullness of Life

Maryknoll lay missioner’s ministry in Tanzania empowers people living with HIV/AIDS || On a Wednesday morning, some 40 people crowd into the meeting room...

By Meinrad Scherer-Emunds / Nov 1, 2019

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Little Mercies in Tanzania

Maryknoll sister works to provide childhood education with a gentle and compassionate touch || When 6-year-old Agness came with her mother to enroll in kindergarten...

By Lynn F. Monahan / Nov 1, 2019

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God's Presence in the Highlands of Peru

Missioner and indigenous preserve the faith in Puno || Before the All Saints’ Day Mass in the highland village of Jayllihuaya, Peru, parishioners at St. James...

By Maria-Pia Negro Chin / Nov 1, 2019

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God had another plan for me

WEB-ONLY FEATURE: Young Hispanic man in Rhode Island finds God’s love and commits to serve || When Germán Cruz was 17 years old, he discovered that his mother...

By Giovana Soria / Nov 1, 2019

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Church Holds Synod on the Amazon and Its People

WEB-ONLY FEATURE: Historic synod looks at ministry, mission, ecology and indigenous rights and culture in the Amazon || In October 2019, Pope Francis convened...

By Catholic News Service / Nov 1, 2019

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In Memoriam

Please pray for our Maryknoll missioners who died during the past year. Sister Elizabeth Burns Father Thomas A. Ahearn Brother Gordon M. Burns Sister Janet...

By Maryknoll Magazine / Nov 1, 2019

Photo Meditations

A way to pray and reflect on God’s message through poem prayers written by Father Joseph R. Veneroso, paired with powerful images appearing in MARYKNOLL magazine from around the world.
Vignettes from the lands of mission, told by Maryknoll missioners and volunteers. These popular little stories are sometimes funny, often moving and generally inspiring encounters with people on the margins.
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Missioner Tales, November / December 2019

I was visiting patients at a medical clinic here in Malakal, South Sudan. I noticed one of the patients, a 5-year-old boy, sitting on a bench waiting for the doctor. The boy had come to the clinic with his mother. He had a painful ear infection that needed treatment. I stopped and said hello to him. We shook hands and I gave him a blessing. Later that day the boy’s father came to talk to me. He was anxious to tell me what his son said about our meeting.

By Maryknoll Missioners November / December 2019


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Immigrant Family in Mission

Maryknoll Father Roberto Rodriguez says he would not be able to do his job without Carmen Muray Ochante and her daughter Rosa Ochante. “They are essential, an extension of what I am as a missioner,” says Father Rodriguez.

By David R. Aquije November / December, 2019

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Climate Change And Our Food

Climate change is affecting food security globally through rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns and greater frequency of extreme weather events, according to a new U.N. report. And, the report says, the situation is likely to get worse …

By Susan Gunn November / December, 2019

A World of Books That Matter

Orbis Books
Maryknoll missioners reflect on liturgical feasts, doctrines and other elements of the Catholic faith, often told through the lives of the people they accompany.
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Recognizing Living Saints Among Us

The letter to the Hebrews (13:2) admonishes us to “show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some have entertained angels unawares.” Certainly if we regarded others as angels in disguise, our world would be way more civilized. Our church rightly celebrates saints in ages past, but what about the saints living among us right now?

By Father Joseph Veneroso November / December 2019

Readers' Responses
In addition to traditional letters to the editor of MARYKNOLL magazine, responses include comments to online articles and from social media posts about the digital or print edition. May be edited for length.
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Readers' Responses Nov/Dec 2019

Readers respond to our print, web and social media posts || HIGH PRAISE I wanted to tell you how wonderful the article by Maryknoll Father John Cuff in the July/August...

By Our Readers / Nov 1, 2019

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Readers' Responses Sept/Oct 2019

Readers respond to our print, web and social media posts || SACRED MEMORIES In your May/June 2019 MARYKNOLL magazine, an article entitled “You are the now of God”...

By Our Readers / Sep 1, 2019