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News from the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, a resource on issues of peace, social justice and integrity of creation, bringing Maryknoll’s mission experience into U.S. policy discussions.
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A U.N. framework for migration

World leaders slated to adopt a U.N. agreement on protection of migrants as well as refugees || Leaders from more than 190 countries are scheduled to adopt...

By Susan Gunn / Nov 1, 2018

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Catholics are still in for climate accord

U.S. Catholic Bishops, Maryknoll and others add strong Catholic voice for goals of Paris Agreement || The Paris Agreement, adopted at the United Nations climate...

By Susan Gunn / Sep 1, 2018

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The case for fossil fuel divestment

Catholic institutions heeding call to get out of carbon fuels || When a group of students at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia took a class trip to the Appalachian...

By Susan Gunn / Jul 1, 2018

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Protect the Amazon and its people

While visiting indigenous people in Peru, Pope Francis said the future of the Amazon and its peoples had “never been so threatened.” || Since the financial...

By Susan Gunn / May 1, 2018

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Migrants search for peace

The pope says that to find peace, migrants and refugees “risk their lives” on long and dangerous trips || No one knew what to expect when Cardinal Jorge...

By Susan Gunn / Mar 1, 2018

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New Vigor for Nuclear Ban

Swiss NGO behind Herculean effort that led to vote on a nuclear ban treaty || More than 70 years have passed since atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese...

By Susan Gunn / Jan 1, 2018

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Targeting protected status

Trump administration considers ending protected status for 350,000 people to decrease total number of immigrants. || Presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower...

By Susan Gunn / Nov 1, 2017

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Zero Hunger Generation

The U.N.’s Zero Hunger Challenge seeks to vanish hunger from the planet || "Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development”...

By Susan Gunn / Sep 1, 2017